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Event Planning

Custom Creations

We are:
full service private event planners 
who specialize in
event coordination for birthdays,
bridal & baby showers, gender reveals, proposals, holiday parties, receptions, corporate events, product launches and more.

1st Birthdays are our SPECIALITY!!!!

Any event we plan will be personally customized and designed to fit YOUR needs; making it a special experience for you and your guests!  Also allowing you to feel like a guest at your own party...


Sounds pretty AMAZING, right? IT IS!! 

 We'd love to hear from you!

Contact us 
 ask for a quote
we will work with your budget!

​​​​​​We offer:
Home Decor
 Personalized custom appearal
SHIRTS, Tumblers,
LOGO/TEAM items, 

We can make  anything
you have in mind
(or have a picture of)!

We started off by creating custom decorations  
and now we do much much more!

We will make anything you want
and we RENT decor too!

Packages available to rent and buy!

We are able to offer the lowest prices around!
We spend YOUR budget on YOUR event!
This is a hobby, not a job!